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The Marketing RV Podcast with Ranalli and Volpe

Feb 19, 2020

Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe continues to delve into CFF’s Venture Philanthropy approach to fund raising. We carried into this episode the discussion of the Delaware Valley chapter’s unique business development and marketing discussion with Executive Director Jessica Wickersham and Senior Development Director Vanessa Deussing.

If you missed Episode 042, check it out to get the background on the strides this 65-year-old organization has made as it looks to a day when it might no longer be needed. Until It’s Done! is the CFF motto. Jessica and Vanessa explained why they look forward to the day when they are laid off because they are no longer needed.

You will learn about Trikafta, an amazing breakthrough drug treatment that has been approved by the FDA for people 12 and older. This drug appears to be 90% effective. CFF is looking for a half-billion dollars to pave the path to a cure. Jessica and Vanessa explained what is entailed and how their guerrilla marketing efforts will get them to the goal.

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01:11 Spheres of influence
02:03 Navigating Corporate Social Responsibility
03:48 PNC’s local connection to CFF
05:03 The six feet rule
07:55 Help for families dealing with CF
08:59 Compass
11:00 Big plans for the 65th Anniversary Year of CFF
15:23 Path to a cure, a $500,000,000 venture
17:15 Trikafta success stories
22:28 What happens when CF is eradicated?
23:39 Besides $, what you can do to help.