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The Marketing RV Podcast with Ranalli and Volpe

Apr 15, 2020

Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe is parked at Zoom for a vigorous discussion with entrepreneur commercial real estate broker Kyle Malnati. Calibrate Real Estate operates out of Denver, Colorado. It’s a boutique, broker-owned commercial and residential outfit that employs a dozen people.

With a degree in finance, Kyle explains how his education set him up for success in commercial real estate, something he did not originally set out to do but stumbled upon after earning his degree. Some 15 years later, Kyle enjoys selling financial assets, which is how he views his vocation.

Kyle is quite candid about personal events in his life that led to making charity a part of his business model. Today, Missions Ministries is the main benefactor of Calibrate Real Estate. His team gets involved financially, as well as physically, building housing for impoverished residents of Juarez, TX. Kyle credits his faith and upbringing for laying the foundation that led him to boldly take on a series of charitable causes.

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05:55 Kyle’s leap from finance major to commercial real estate tycoon
10:00 Trend to multi-use land, mini community developments
12:40 Demographic trends
15:00 Lorraine shocks Gene by quoting a hockey great
17:32 Missions ministries
19:45 Charity as part of Kyle’s business
20:20 Trio of life-changing events that formed Kyle’s Why
22:40 Choosing the Ronald McDonald House charity in memory of Kyle’s brother
23:48 The impetus to raise money for Kyle’s brother’s headstone
25:10 The leap to making Missions Ministries Kyle’s target charity