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The Marketing RV Podcast with Ranalli and Volpe

Apr 8, 2020

Matt Johnson has successfully defined his niche business and his target client, and that’s exactly the focus of his podcast/marketing company Pursuing Results. In this second of a two-part show featuring Matt, Marketing RV with Ranalli & Volpe continued the conversation about three concepts in Matt’s book “Micro Famous”: getting seen, getting noticed, getting known. To get known and expand your client base, Matt quoted a real estate coach who once said, “Stop saying new things to the same people and start saying the same thing to new people.”

To be micro famous to the right people, Matt recommends turning the traditional sales model upside down. Recognizing the burnout factor in the service industry, Matt suggests building lifelong relationships instead of clients for life, that way clients will cycle in and out of your business. Go to Pursuing Results to see how Matt pitches his business in a two-minute video on the home page.

As for getting seen and getting noticed, which precede getting known, Matt recommends narrowing your focus. Until you reach the tipping point of influence, getting known, keep driving one message or focusing on a specific attribute/offering. Only after you become known should you expand your offerings. Matt cited examples of brands that broke out because they offered one specific product or service and added variations only after becoming household names.

How does this entrepreneur manage his work life? Matt said he remains organized by theming his days and dedicating the first half of each weekday to work. He commits to working five hours a day and builds into his daily routine a lunch break and a workout. If Matt could recommend only one business book, it would be “The Star Principle” by Richard Koch.

Click HERE to take Matt’s free masterclass on how to get featured on podcasts as an expert thought leader.

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01:10 How Matt defines his service
06:31 Dealing with client burnout
11:39 Which professionals should have a podcast
14:40 Monetizing your podcast
15:09 Crafting your point of view
16:00 A “Pursuing Results” success story
18:32 Getting seen and noticed
20:00 The tipping point of influence
25:59 Free master class info
26:54 Matt’s one book pick