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The Marketing RV Podcast with Ranalli and Volpe

Apr 1, 2020

Matt Johnson of Pursuing Results was our special guest on yet another two-part Marketing RV podcast with Ranalli & Volpe. In this episode we dove deep into Matt’s soon-to-be-released book “Micro Famous” but not before Gene derailed the conversation with Bublé vs. Bubly. Admittedly, that is some good advertising.

Gene was one of the lucky few to get an advanced copy of “Micro Famous, and one of the concepts he found intriguing was: Get seen. Get noticed. Get known.

Beginning with getting known, Matt said it comes down to sharing content that drives home your clear and compelling idea, which cuts through the noise. Consider your career a book. He suggested writing the subtitle first, and then building your brand around that. Link your personal brand to the problem you solve or the attribute for which you are known. It’s akin to creating a positioning statement. The idea is to be specific because “if you’re know for too many things, you’ll get lost and confuse the market,” Matt said.

As much fun as it is to hear this train wreck, try watching it! This episode was video conferenced since Matt is based in San Diego. Visit our YouTube channel to watch it.

Matt Johnson hosts several podcasts each week, including Real Estate Uncensored with Greg McDaniel and Gene Volpe, which is referenced throughout the show. Be sure to check out Episode 045 for insights into Matt’s podcast business Pursuing Results.

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00:51 Gene breaks out the Bubly
04:50 Micro Famous
10:30 Strategy and Tactical approach to podcasting: It’s in the book
11:45 Matt goes to Australia
13:25 The Evil Bald Nija
14:40 Conversion Code
18:15 Get known.
20:30 It comes down to positioning
23:23 Matt’s definition of getting noticed
25:40 Hone your elevator pitch
26:39 Identifying your why to attract business